McDonald’s Employee Saves Off-Duty Cop With Medical Emergency At Drive-Thru

Posted April 20, 2017 7:19 pm by
Jesus Daily

A quick-thinking McDonald’s drive-thru employee springs into action when he sees a customer having a medical emergency in her car. 22-year-old Pedro Viloria was about to hand the woman her food at the pick-up window, but the surveillance video shows the car just roll right past him. That’s when he jumped out the window to go see what was happening. Video from inside the restaurant shows the car rolling through the parking lot, being witnessed by customers.

Dear Sister and Brother,

  1. 1. God IS in control even when everything in our live seems to be crashing down around us.
  2. 2. Life is not always fair, it rains on the just and the unjust…we should not compare our lives to others but focus on the plan God has for us.
  3. 3. Bad things will happen in this world, but God promised us a home in heaven if we believe in Jesus. One without sorrow, pain or death…where we never will grow old.

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