Man Spots Beautiful Creature Caught In Trap, Jumps Into Action To Set It Free

Helping others in need is what makes us human. We are gifted by God with empathy. Serving those in need is as good as offering service to God. Real kindness is not reserved for those who we consider as equal. When humans start exercising superiority over animals, it is the beginning of the end. Even in our scriptures, Genesis chapter 6-9, Noah of the ark not only rescued his family but also all the animals. In the modern day, we are consumed by our selfish greed and look down with contempt upon other animals, especially those in the wild whose lands we are blatantly exploiting.

Every once in awhile, there comes a story of selflessness which affirms that every cloud has a silver lining and restores hope in humanity. Here is the story of a man who overcame his fears to rescues a trapped but deadly, wild animal.

It started off as just another day for John Osen from Wisconsin. He went out into the wild fully aware that surprises lay ahead of him. Surprises are hardly good: most often, encounters in the wild make the blood run cold. Wild animals are tucked away in the wild and facing one brings out one’s true nature. Expecting the worst of the situation, and maintaining his guard at all times, this man entered into the wild only to be distracted by a cry of plea. Cry for help is a universal language which is easily understood across species barrier. The protagonist of this story was not the kind who would turn his back on a helpless animal, especially when the creature in question is a timber wolf. Timber wolves are nothing but ferocious. A man with proper wits about him, keeps his distance from these beastly creatures.

When the soundless forest was disturbed with an awful shriek, the man ran towards the source of the cry. The melancholy in the cry could have moved a stone. On reaching the source, the man is startled with the sight before him: lying helpless on the ground is a timber wolf caught in a coyote trap. Large enough to rip him shreds if the encounter wasn’t under the current circumstances, the wolf now, was clearly in pain.

In the wild it is common to come across such traps for coyotes. More often than not, these efficient contraptions trap the wrong animal. Hidden from plain view and camouflaged by the rugged terrain, the trap had captured an innocent timber wolf. Helping the wolf in need is no doubt an act of courage and bravery, but doing so was perilous given the nature of the animal. A trapped animal turns ferocious. Imagine the aggravation of a wild trapped wolf! Putting his fears behind him, this man thought of a smart solution to protect himself from getting bitten. Holding a curtain of thick wood between himself and the wolf, the man approaches with caution.

To his surprise, Owens walked into an unexpected situation- while he was expecting a coyote to be trapped by the Bridger #3 dogless fully modified, he saw a beautiful timber wolf. While he approaches the wolf in an effort to set it free, you can see it flinch with every advancing step he takes. Oens persists even though he is weary of the possible lashing out from the wolf. Taking in a deep breath, he puts the plank of thick timber between him and the wolf’s caught leg. As a response to threat, the wolf attacks the plank of wood with all its failing strength. He waits for the wolf to settle down and nimbly unclasps the trap. The grateful wolf escapes back into the wild without looking back.

Oen’s story is not just another animal release video. When he realized that the trap he’d set had mistakenly imprisoned an innocent animal, he set it right. He could have harmed the trapped fox for the fear of a plausible attack on setting it free. He chose the right path and did the right thing. Such videos are examples of ‘doing the right thing’ and correcting mistakes when they are realized. Not only did Oens save an innocent life, he also set an example by showing courage to accept and correct a mistake. Videos like this also convey an important message: animals are like us in many ways, they do not attack the person who sets them free. They are ever grateful and run back to safety when set free. They get scared like us too. So the next time you encounter an animal, remember that it is as scared as you are. It is also as clueless as you.

John Owens is no stranger to setting animals free. There are videos of him setting other trapped animals free. He and his buddies have set trapped bob cats, free. John is no stranger to waking up in the morning and finding all animals but coyotes in the trap. He is fully aware of the implicated risk of his actions. There have been situations when the wild animals have given him trouble but that doesn’t stop him from setting them free. He and his friends joke about having a backup plan should the animal turn on them. There haven’t been reports of such a situation reported by him.

If this video gave you the chills but also enforced the sense of righteous and kind actions, circulate on social media by sharing it with friends and family. Let this be a lesson which teaches us to be kind to animals especially when they are most vulnerable.

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Fellow animal lover,

1. Animals teach us about life.

2. Sometimes animals seem to be almost human!

3. God gave us animals to give us joy!

Share this story with your friends who love animals to amaze them!

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD