6 Elderly Men Put On Hilarious ‘Synchronized Swimming’ Show Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

God wants us to enjoy life and all its pleasures, regardless of our age. As God may not give us another chance to walk on this beautiful planet, we must enjoy every moment. God doesn’t want us to sulk by dwelling in the past. Instead, we should live in the present so that we appreciate everything around us and are grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to look at his stunning creations.

Synchronized swimming is a type of sport that combines swimming, gymnastics, and dance. We would have seen synchronized swimming on TV or various social media platforms. Synchronized swimming looks mind-blowing on camera because it is as graceful and hard as ballet. It might look really easy to do some of the tricks, but when we try it in swimming pools, we finally grasp the difficulty of synchronized swimming. It’s incredible to see that human beings are capable of being synchronized inside water. Some of these routines will blow your mind because you can’t imagine anyone doing that kind of moves in water. Even running, a fairly simple task on land, is quite difficult in water. Doing dance routines that involve gymnastics and swimming in water will be challenging. Up until now, we have only seen fish swimming in sync underwater. For example, we have seen countless videos on Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet that involve fish going about their daily lives in sync. Even though they are not putting on a show for the camera, they continue to swim about the ocean in sync.

When we are talking about synchronized swimming, we usually think about women who are athletic and young. It is quite common for us to think like this as this sport demands flexibility, endurance, presence of mind, and much more. Athletes make it look easy because they spend countless hours perfecting the routine. Imagine doing a dance routine in sync for a couple of minutes on water with a group of friends.

However, this story comes with a twist as the ‘athletes’ performing synchronized swimming isn’t young and athletic women, but six elderly men. The six elderly gentlemen are showing the world that you don’t need to be athletic and young to do a handful of synchronized swimming routines. Their incredible yet hilarious performance takes place in a retirement home.

Sometimes, we are a little shy to step in front of a crowd wearing our swimsuits. However, these elderly gentlemen don’t have a problem walking in front of their audience and stepping on stage, wearing nothing but their bathing suits. If we were in the place of the elderly gentlemen, we would have preferred to be already on stage, rather than to walk past the audience.

The audience in the retirement home had no idea that they were going to have the time of their lives by watching the elderly gentleman’s performance. When the audience saw the synchronized swimming routine, they can’t stop laughing.

You might assume the elderly gentlemen are out of their comfort zone performing the synchronized swimming routine. However, when you take a look at the video, you find out that these elderly gentlemen are completely in their element. It is as though they were synchronized swimmers back in the day.

iSport explains the history of synchronized swimming, “It seems ironic that a sport that doesn’t have a men’s category may have been invented by one of the founding fathers of the United States. Benjamin Franklin grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and spent much of his time swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and experimenting with exercise and its health benefits.”

According to iSport, Benjamin Franklin had a huge role to play in this sport, even though he wasn’t aware that he was making history. In 1724, Benjamin Franklin had gone to London for a trip. In the river Thames, Benjamin Franklin decided to perform some “ornamental swimming” maneuvers for the onlookers that had gathered by the banks of the river.

Just like Benjamin Franklin, these six elderly gentlemen also wanted to put on a show for the retirement home. They wanted to show that even men, especially the elderly are also capable of displaying their skills in water.

The video starts when the six elderly gentlemen step on stage, into the ‘water.’ When the music starts playing, the elderly gentlemen show their synchronized swimming talent to their audience. The elderly gentlemen dance, kick, and dive in unison while their audience laughs uncontrollably.

One of the best parts of their performance is their attire, which isn’t any regular bathing suit. The elderly gentlemen are wearing swimming gear, which is red, white, and blue. If you haven’t guessed it already, they are wearing USA’s swimming clothes. The elderly gentlemen made their performance even more spectacular by wearing goggles and swimming caps.

Just by looking at the video, we can say that the elderly gentlemen killed it with their performance in the retirement home.

Even though this video is hilarious, we have much to learn from these six elderly gentlemen. Despite their age and situation, the elderly gentlemen came up with a synchronized swimming routine to impress their audience. We too must give our 100% for everything we do in our lives. We shouldn’t simply give up on things just because they may look impossible. If you didn’t see this video, you can’t imagine a group of old men performing synchronized swimming routines. Set goals every day and fulfill them so that you can take yourself to the next level. Remember, if these elderly gentlemen have the determination to learn a sport that only has women, we too can achieve the impossible if we put our minds into it!

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Dear One,

1. God will never leave you nor forsake you.

2. God loves you so much he sent his son to die for you.

3. I pray that you know God’s love more and more every day!

Please share this video with your family and friends so that they laugh today!

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD