Goldie Hawn Breaks Her Silence, Shares Photo Captioned With 3 Heartbreaking Sentence

In life, we all experience the loss of loved ones at some point in our lives, and it is one of the most difficult experiences that we can go through. While grieving, the pain can be overwhelming, and we look to our closest friends for comfort and support as we try to heal and find strength again. But what if we are mourning the loss of our closest friend? It is in such especially trying times that we learn to rely on the one friend who will never leave us, the one who is always there to comfort us and guide us. In God we can find the strength to move forward, and comfort and peace in times of intense grief. In our times of need, we will never be forsaken. This is true for anyone who ever needs some hope and courage in their lives.

We all know who Goldie Hawn is. Fans love her for her compassion and her ever bubbly presence. The 71-year old actress has always been known to be a fun-loving lady with a charming sense of humour. She always seems to be smiling and laughing. Recently, though, there was a sad event in her life which left her heartbroken and sorrowful.

Earlier this month, Goldie Hawn took to social media to share some sad news from her life. She shared an old, black and white photo on her Instagram of her and her closest friend (whose name she did not disclose) and captioned it by saying, “My best friend has passed. Please treasure each other. Best friends get us through. Blessings to all this Sunday.” Through the loss she suffered, she shared a message of hope and encouragement with the world. Fans reached out to her with messages of condolence and with their own stories of loss and pain. They sent words of consolation to her, saying that she and her friend will one day meet again and encouraged her to find comfort with her family in this difficult time.

After sharing her sad news, she shared another photo – one of her 4-year old granddaughter, Rio Hudson, hugging her own best friend with the caption, “Says it all!” Hawn had recently shared in an interview that the people who make her laugh and bring joy to her life are her family and a handful of close friends. We all have those people in our lives, so it isn’t hard to imagine the hardship and melancholy of losing them from our lives forever.

Goldie Hawn and well-known actor Kurt Russell had only recently returned from a holiday in Europe, so we don’t know whether they returned in time to spend time with their beloved friend in her last moments. Whatever it may be, the message that Hawn shared, encouraging us all to cherish the friendships in our lives, is one that surely resonates with each and everyone.

Please share this story and join us in praying for Goldie Hawn after this devastating loss.

My Friend,

1. God desires a relationship with you.

2. God wants you to know him better.

3. I pray that God helps you to grow closer to him every day.

Please share this story and join us in praying for Goldie Hawn after this devastating loss.

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD