They Take Foster Child To Court, The Verdict Changes His Entire Life In Just Seconds

When we are with our beloved family members, we feel closest to God. Just as God intended, families teach us to love unconditionally and be forgiving. We learn how to set aside our differences and accept everyone for who they are. The greatest wealth we can possess at all times is a family.

According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, at any given time, there are approximately 427,910 children placed under foster care. These children live in group homes or temporary governmental housing, cared by unrelated or related foster parents. As there are not enough foster families, the government places children in group homes. Due to this, children are unable to connect with an adoptive and permanent family.

When children become too old for the system, they don’t have a supportive network, which can have a significant impact on their development. Out of every five children, one of them will be homeless in the recent future. Even children who grow up with families and go to college find it challenging to live alone. If these children can’t be independent, how do we expect the ones living in foster homes to live by themselves?

The foster care system can be extremely difficult for children of all ages. Carson Peterson was one child who was in the midst of the foster care system. Lady Luck wasn’t in Carson Peterson’s favor as he was in the foster care system for over 12 years of his life. You can imagine how life would have been if you had to pack your bags, move into new houses, and stay with new people on a regular basis. Things were not easy for Carson Peterson as he had to live a hard life. Carson Peterson used to move from foster home to foster home, with the hope that one family would accept him into their lives. However, Carson Peterson was unlucky as he never found a family that wholeheartedly appreciated and loved him.

Luckily for Carson Peterson, things were about to take a turn for the better. Little did he know that his life was going to change completely after entering the Peterson home. In 2014, Carson had to move to the house of Tex and Renee Peterson. Carson knew something was different about this family, the moment he stepped into their house. Carson told ABC News, “We always did things together. They always called me son. They introduced me as their son to everybody. They never said ‘foster son,’ which was pretty awesome to feel wanted and appreciated.”

Moments like these make life better for children under foster care. Due to their situation, they just want to be a part of a family that accepts them for who they truly are. Things were going quite well for Carson, as he was finally a part of a family. His dream of getting accepted was becoming a reality. Imagine what it would have been to move around from home to home for 12 years, in search of one family that would want him to be there with them.

In December 2016, life for Carson Peterson was going to take an unexpected turn. Now, you may think what Carson did wasn’t quite hard. After all, he was living with the Peterson family for two years now. However, you should keep in mind that Carson never found the perfect family, until now. Carson asked Tex and Renee Peterson if they would adopt him.

The Peterson family didn’t even hesitate or think twice when Carson asked them the question. They were more than ready to adopt Carson as their son. The Peterson family started making plans so that Carson would become their son officially.

There couldn’t have been a better moment for Carson because he was finally going to be a part of the Peterson family. He was finally living the ultimate dream of every child under foster care. As the Peterson family didn’t want to run into any hiccups, they took months to plan the adoption.

In June 2017, Carson’s dream finally came true. After more than 12 long years, Carson officially became a part of the Peterson family as Tex and Renee adopted him. Carson found it extremely hard to keep a straight face during the proceedings of the court. After all, who could blame him as it would have been challenging to contain his excitement.

We can only imagine what would have been going on inside Carson’s head. He told ABC News, “It was emotional. I teared up a little bit because I was happy that I could let go of my past and start forward from that day, until now.”

Tex Peterson knew how this moment was such a big deal for his son Carson. According to ABC News, Tex hopes that the story of his son inspires other children under foster care. Tex said, “It’s the sign of a journey coming to an end and finally having a forever home… All too often, these kids don’t have a picture hanging on the wall of their own, they don’t have their own drawer…Whatever home they were broken from is their normal. For them to come in, to be bouncing from home to home with a trash bag of their clothes, it’s devastating to me.”

However, Renee Peterson had a different story to tell. According to her, Carson was already a part of their family, the moment he stepped into their house. Carson was bound to officially become their son, sooner or later. She said, “Carson, he’s a really good young man. He loves to help people, and that’s what I think I love about him most. I’m just so proud that we finally can make it official. It was so important for him to know that he has a mom and dad who will do anything for him and he has a home that he can always come to, and I am so glad that we were able to give that to him.”

Tex and Renee will always be there for their son, Carson, because that’s what families do!

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1. God is always with you.

2. God knows what you need before you even ask.

3. I pray you are aware of his presence in your life today.

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God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD