Kevin Spacey Cracks Up Entire Crowd When He Attempts An Impression Of This Famous Star

We are all blessed with different talents and abilities which enrich our lives and help us find our unique callings. Talents are of no use if we do not know how to use them or continually improve on them. We can be successful using the talents given to us by God if we are diligent in utilising what we have been blessed with. Success depends on the effort we put into honing our skills and abilities.

Acting is also a talent which not everyone is blessed with. Even among actors, there are those who are more skilled than others. Actors put in a lot of time and effort into learning their craft. The best among them work tirelessly into researching their roles, trying to find ways to best portray their characters. One of the most convincing actors in television at the moment is Kevin Spacey. His role as Frank Underwood in ‘House of Cards’ has everyone who watches absolutely terrified of the corrupt and evil man that he so believably portrays. The character’s sinister personality comes through even in the accent that Kevin Spacey employs. You can tell that a lot of hard work has gone into bringing the character to life.

On ‘The Tonight Show’, host Jimmy Fallon sometimes asks his guests to participate in a game they call ‘Wheel of Impressions’. It is a fun game where the celebrity guests have to do some impression challenges. Most of the time, it’s a hilarious event where everyone’s laughing away – guests, host and the audience. Sometimes, however, it is so very good and beyond hilarious, that the video clip of the challenge goes viral and gets over 35 million views on YouTube. That’s exactly what happened when Kevin Spacey did the ‘Wheel of Impressions’ challenge on the ‘The Tonight Show’.

One can be a good actor, but not necessarily have the talent for mimicking other people. Kevin Spacey, however, has a talent for both acting as well as mimicking. On the late night talk show, Jimmy Fallon explains the game to him – on the press of a button, the wheel of impressions generates a random pairing of a famous personality and a topic on which the impression has to be on. Since it was almost Halloween during the time of the interview, the topics for Kevin Spacey’s impressions were all related to that particular holiday. The wheel of impressions has Mr. Spacey talking about costume parties while doing an impression of Johnny Carson, then as Christopher Walken talking about trick-or-treat, both of which he absolutely nails.

A particularly good impression was that of Michael Caine where both his accent and tone of voice was hilariously on point. The final impression he does is of Bill Clinton talking about ‘Ghostbusters’ which has both Jimmy Fallon and the audience members in splits. Mr. Spacey’s impressions were just so accurate that they were highly amusing! What joy to be able to use your talents to bring so much delight to people!

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1. God has given you gifts.

2. God loves when we are able to laugh.

3. I pray that God is blessing you today and that you are sharing his love.

Share this story with your friends to make them laugh today!

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD