Demi Lovato Takes On Challenge, Does Amazing Impression Of This Powerful Voice

Gifted are those who get acquainted with fame at a young age. Mastery over any form of art requires generous blessing from God. While it is said that anyone can sing with the right coaching and hours of training, there are only selected ones for whom talent to sing comes naturally. Here is the story of one such young singer and starlet who got as famous as most artist aim to reach through a decade long career, when she was 16.

Demi Lovato, the hit single maker, teenage pop star and a youth icon, is an American song writer, actress and singer. Her debut in front of the camera was when she was just a child, on a show called Barney and Friends. Stardom found her when she starred in Disney’s Camp Rock and went on release her first album “This is Me.” For many experienced singers, ranking within the Top 10 in Billboard Hot 100 remains an unfulfilled dream. Lovato’s debut peaked at #9- this is a sign of being chosen and being blessed with abundance. She has been consistently delivering hits ever since. Maintaining stardom under the ruthless scrutiny of press and media is often a tough task for celebrities. But, demi has sailed through it all.  

The famous talk show host challenges his star guests every time they come on his show. There are epic lip sync battles and the crowd favorite- Wheel of Musical Impressions. A straightforward game, where each player is given a random combination of song and singer they have to imitate. Song choices are random and funny. Imagine singing “The Muffin Man” in the voice of Eddie Vedder, sounds ludicrous but these celebrities hit the right note. Most of us on the other side, question the talent of some of these singers saying that they don’t deserve the status they are given, especially younger generation. Such an assumption is not completely false given how simple becoming an internet sensation is. Also, there is so much drama in the industry, everyone is just listening and if these singers aren’t careful, they’re history. Demi Lovato put all the critics who pass unflattering comments on her singing and talent to rest with her impromptu singing during the Jimmy Fallon Show.

On hearing the announcement from Jimmy that he and Demi are going to compete to see who wins the challenge of musical impression, her anxiety is clearly visible. Being no stranger to performing under pressure, Demi takes a long soothing breath in, and puts on her charming performing face. Off goes the candid Demi and on comes the performer with the grit to wow the crowd. Wheel of Musical Impression has its list of hall of famers of which Adam Levine and Jamie Foxx are honored members.

Jimmy starts off by explaining the game to Demi. She seems mildly interested and decides to go first. Not the one to disappoint, Demi’s performance of each combination shows why she is such a dear fan favorite. Her first impression is no one but the iconic Cher singing Bingo was his Name-O. She starts off with the tune of ‘Do you believe’. She definitely started strong. Jimmy being the well-rounded entertainer that he is does an impressive impression of Louis Armstrong singing Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Jimmy comments at the end of the song, “I have bubbles in my throat.”

Demi doesn’t get a chance to take it slow: her next combination is a popular kid’s nursery rhyme in Fetty Wap. Again an impressed Jimmy says, “Fetty Wap, that’s a great one. Who does a Fetty Wap!” Demi reacts laughing, “I didn’t know I could till now.”

The game only gets tougher. With a counter attack for Demi’s Fetty Wap, Jimmy nails it with “I am a teapot” in the voice of Dave Matthews. Jimmy has always been impressive with the Dave Matthews impression. He, in fact, had to sing in the same voice before when he was competing with Adam Levine. He starts of, “I don’t know how to do this one.” With the first line he has the crowd cheering and cracking up. His funny impression has him breaking out into a giggle by the end of it. He might have been at par with Demi but his teapot song pushes him back. The next song which Demi gets would decide upon the winner. An unfazed Demi pushes the button and maintains a calm composure when the combination shows up.

When the crowd sees Demi’ combination, a collective cheer rises up. There is a distinct ‘Oh yes!” followed by an unintelligible cheer. The combination is tough and expectations are high. Demi flashes her confident smile, picks up the mike and says, “Here we go, Here we go.” Jimmy is off the seat when she starts. He is amazed. His jaw dropping reaction will mimic yours when you watch her performance in the link below.  Demi stole the show with her Christina Aguilera’s impression of Spongebob Squarepants.

A video like this will definitely put a smile to your face. On the surface, the idea of the impression game may seem frivolous. But, when you skim away the top layers you will understand that through these games, the celebrity is presented a real challenge of proving their mettle. All the singers who have participated in the challenge haven’t disappointed, proving that celebrity status is not achieved through some PR gimmicks; talent does play a pivotal role. Celebrities also have to work hard on their skills to be on top of their game.

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Share this video with your friends who love Demi Lovato to make them laugh!

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