They Put A Tiny Drum Next To Their Bird, The Result Will Have You Laughing For Days!

Parrots (all 393 species) are considered to be one of the most intelligent birds in the world, along with crows, ravens, jays and magpies. These social birds are known to imitate human speech even though they don’t have a vocal cord. The brain-to-body size ratio of parrots is comparable to higher species of primates. Cockatiel is a type of cockatoo which belongs to the parrot family.That perhaps explains this cockatiel’s reaction to his owner.

There isn’t any proper study to say that they do, many examples (the case of Snowball the cockatoo) show that sometimes they do. Researchers studied Snowball to understand his sense of beat. Whenever the tempo was increased or decreased, he tried to match the beats. His sense of rhythm was better than a toddler’s. However, since there are no adequate studies of the same, much can’t be said about it. Looking at the case of Mr. Inko, one is forced to think, that perhaps they do have a sense of rhythm after all!

Mr Inko is a cute, orange-cheeked Japanese cockatiel who loves to play on percussion instruments! In case you are wondering what a cockatiel is, it is a member of the cockatoo family with origins in Australia. It is the smallest of the cockatoo family, and has an erectile crest and orange cheeks, which make them look so adorable. Males usually have a white face with bright orange cheeks and bright yellow crest. It makes them look so pretty! Cockatiels can be quite melodious and can be taught to sing certain melodies. They are very friendly birds and make great pets.

Apart from being so cute? Mr Inko likes to move it with the beat! His owner has a toy drum on which he starts to play. Mr Inko decides to do a little dance, a movement with the neck exactly matching the rhythm of the drum. As soon as the owner stops playing, he stops the movement too. You would think that’s pretty special, right? It doesn’t end there. He decided to play with the owner! Yep you read that right!

There’s a video made by the owner where we see Mr Inko trying his hands, erm, his beak, on the drums. When he hears the owner play the miniature drum, his interest is piqued. He immediately get excited and hops close to the drum. This bird initially pays a lot of attention listening to the drumbeat.  Then, like we, humans, tap our feet to get the sense of the rhythm, he does that with his neck. He uses his beak as a drum stick and starts playing with the owner! In the video, it almost feels like he doesn’t like the owners beat, so he stops, which makes the owner stop too. Then Mr Inko takes the lead and starts playing the drums, upping the tempo and the owner joins in. Sometimes he lets the owner take charge and follow his lead. This almost four minute video will keep you mesmerized with his antics! This is perhaps the coolest drum duo ever!

To show to the viewers, perhaps that he isn’t randomly hitting the drum with his drum and he truly has a sense of rhythm, the owner plays different rhythms to get reaction from Mr Inko. He doesn’t fail to perform. When he is not hitting the drums, he is moving his neck to the beat, almost dancing, and changing tempo according to the beat played by the owner.  While playing the drums also, you can hear a certain pattern which Mr Inko follows; so, it’s not just random beating the drum.

There’s a part in the video where Mr Inko has his head turned the other way and he is just moving his neck to the beat. Then, the owner changes his position facing the drum. Without even a blink, he goes straight for the drum; like he is meant to be playing it. Mr Inko also likes to play other instruments like the tambourine.

It is incredible to watch a bird get so excited about percussion and enjoys playing it to the fullest.

He has become so popular that the owner has created a Youtube channel just for Mr Inko’s antics, and it has twelve thousand subscribers! This video alone has more than four hundred thousand views. Mr Inko has the sweetest voice and when not beating the drums, he likes to play with his rattle! How adorable is this bird? It is impossible to not get hooked to this bird’s antics and fall in love with this cute little thing. You are definitely going to laugh out loud watching him do his thing, so don’t watch it at work!

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Share this hilarious video with your friends to make them laugh!

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