About Aaron Tabor, MD

“My God-given mission is to help you start living a life you love.” -Aaron Tabor, MD

Dr. Aaron Tabor, MDDr. Aaron Tabor is dedicated to serving and helping others. He is the founder of Gene Facelift, a biotechnology lab developing critical gene therapies for blistering skin diseases in children, diabetic and burn wounds, and anti-aging wrinkle solutions. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has funded Dr. Tabor’s gene therapy research. He is the author of Fight Breast Cancer Now, Nutritional Cosmetics: Beauty from Within, Dr. Tabor’s Diet, and Jesus Daily® Interactive Devotional. Dr. Tabor’s pain relief research led to the co-development of OxyRub™, a much needed over-the-counter (OTC) drug topical pain solution.

His green chemistry anti-wrinkle skin care lines are free of over 1,200 banned toxic and cancer-causing ingredients in the European Union to protect women, children and the environment. Dr. Tabor’s Physicians Laboratories developed Revival® Protein to help his mother Suzanne through her midlife change. Dr. Tabor is currently developing natural life extension, age-reversal, memory and Autism protocols using diet, supplementation, toxin avoidance and exercise strategies.

He is the founder of Jesus Daily® –– the most active engaged Page in Facebook’s history –– and highly sought after as a social media consultant by leading family-friendly media companies. His humanitarian giving includes breast cancer research, feeding hungry children, rescuing homeless pets, anti-sex trafficking, technology to find missing and kidnapped children, and life-saving surgery and medicine for the impoverished around the world.


Dr. Tabor is an active member of top-tier medical associations and medical journal Editorial Boards including:
• American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy
• American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
• American Medical Association
• American Heart Association
• American Diabetes Association
• Men Against Breast Cancer
• National Consortium of Breast Centers
• North American Menopause Society
• Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association